BlackBerry JDE 5.0 Beta Now Available for Download

Calling All Developers... BlackBerry Java Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) version 5.0 (Beta) is now available for download from You can click the image above to jump over and get started.

As much as this is news for BlackBerry developers, it's great news for us end users as well. It means the roll out of OS 5.0 is approaching, and with the new APIs and enhanced capabilities offered in JDE 5.0 it means we're going to see BlackBerry apps get taken to the next level. w00t!

So get to work devs! Pizza, Red Bull, Candy... whatever it takes... make it happen! And if you need moral support or beta testers just jump into the CrackBerry forums and you'll find no shortage. In the meantime, we'll all start saving our $$$ to spend on future apps :-)