Something that BlackBerry developers have been wanting for a while now has finally arrived. While it's just a tech preview for now, the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse now runs on Mac OS X and is available for download today. You can head on over to the BlackBerry Developer page to get started. There, you can download the tech preview and get a good look at things to come on for BlackBerry developers running Mac OS X.

Features include:

  • On device loading and debugging over USB. No BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator required.
  • Includes all the features of the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.1.2, including:
    • The ability to package a BlackBerry smartphone app project for multiple versions of BlackBerry® Device Software
    • Support for Eclipse project artifacts and folder structures
    • The ability to leverage familiar Eclipse functionality for BlackBerry smartphone app development