BlackBerry Jam Europe 

Our very own James Richardson and Richard Devine killed it at BlackBerry Jam Europe while we've been buried in our BlackBerry Z10s. They've got their own thoughts on how the show went, but there's a whole sea of reactions from European developers and press about the platform worth highlighting.  

"I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of apps for BlackBerry 10 were Android apps as we get to the end of 2013. And I can't see how that's a problem - the software developers could be happy, the users would be happy, and BlackBerry World's catalogue increases in utility" - Matt Baxter-Reynolds, ZD Net

Porting in Android apps is the ace up BlackBerry's sleeve to kickstart their app ecosystem. Given, these won't always provide optimal experiences, and even when they do, Android artifacts can be very distracting, but it's a foot in the door for developers. They can test the waters with BlackBerry 10 before devoting signigicant resources into creative native apps, and once they see the returns and get familiar with the tools, they can take the dive. 

"‘It [BlackBerry Jam Europe] is busier than last year, a clear signal that the interest in BlackBerry has increased,' says Bhardwaj. And that is correct: there are 1,500 developers, analysts and representatives of the media. A year ago, the number was not even half of this" - Maarten van Vliet, Telecompaper 

It's great to hear about the momentum picking up for BlackBerry, and not entirely surprising considering the recent Z10 launch. BlackBerry's developer relations team has been busting their hump to build up excitement for the platform, and it's very clearly paying off. 

"While the red version is identical to its black and white siblings in the specs department, we're certain that it felt faster in our hands, most likely because of the improved aerodynamic properties of the sleek and shiny red paint job" - Stuff Middle East 

If Warhammer 40,000 has taught us anything, it's that red ones go faster.  It's great that developers are getting something really awesome for adopting BlackBerry 10 early, but I'm also a little sad if those red models never hit retail shelves in order to keep the reward exclusive. Check out our hands-on with the red Z10 if you want something to drool over. 

"With the launch of BlackBerry 10 is now changing the game. It is no longer enough to promise a large fireworks display. Now, the cargo must also ignite." - Volker Briegleb 

Though we're all breathing a sigh of release now that BlackBerry 10 is out and in the wild, the trip is far from over. Now BlackBerry has to sell it, and that in itself is going to be a big challenge. Gaining mindshare among both developers and end-users. With the apps more or less there, now the onus is on BlackBerry and carriers to sell the devices and make that early investment worth the risk developers took.  

"The event was very well organized and the sessions were interesting. The only downside was not handing out the Dev Alpha C's." - Dario Incalza, The Mobile Revolution

It was very much a downer that attendees couldn't get their hands on BlackBerry Dev Alpha C units, especially considering how soon the Q10 is coming. On that note, BlackBerry could have won a lot of hearts by seeding out Q10s broadly at the show, but it's entirely possible that they did just that with select partners behind closed doors. 

So, how many of you folks attended BlackBerry Jam Europe? What's the general sentiment you're seeing surrounding BlackBerry 10?