BlackBerry Jam Botswana

The BlackBerry Jam sessions have been a huge hit globally and it's a blooming good job too as BlackBerry 10 now has over 100,00 apps in BlackBerry World. Botswana has been the latest place to hold a Jam session and more than 180 developers attended the event which was supported by Orange Botswana.

Africa has already seen its fair share of Jam's and Hackathons - in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya which helps the total figures world wide which are currently 44 Jam sessions in 37 countries - good stuff BlackBerry!

The full-day event in Botswana was dedicated to providing the developer community with insights on the BlackBerry 10 platform; its strengths, the vision, and how developers can make apps that stand out to app-hungry BlackBerry users. BlackBerry has transformed the developer experience with BlackBerry 10, creating an open platform to enable developers to leverage their range of existing skills, while at the same time providing them with powerful new tools to simplify the development process.
There were sessions that focused on the BlackBerry Cascades software development kit and the WebWorks HTML5 development tools. The Cascade framework empowers developers to develop visual and engaging applications for BlackBerry 10, while WebWorks makes it simple to take advantage of standard web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript to build your application. BlackBerry technical experts were also on hand to answer developer questions and provide them with the latest best practice from BlackBerry.

“It's fantastic to see the level of excitement among developers in Botswana for the BlackBerry 10 platform,” said Alexandra Zagury, Managing Director for Southern Africa at BlackBerry. “Whether developers choose to develop HTML5 apps or native apps, our environment enables them to use their best skills to quickly create apps with great user experiences.”

Keep up the good work BlackBerry. Apps equal success.