This year at BlackBerry Live 2013, BlackBerry Jam Americas was also held at the same time. If you were not able to make to it the event, or indeed you did and would like to look back over some session, you'll be happy know most session are now available on demand.

If you go on over to the BlackBerry Live Sessions website and click into a session. There should be an option on the top right to view the session online. If you the one you want isn't there yet, keep checking back as all sessions are being added in due course. One session already available is the one given by our very own Weekend Coder, Brian Scheirer and Eric Harty, Ebscer Founder. Their session was Jam42 - Simple Game Development in Cascades. It certainly is one I'll be taking a look at.

I personally enjoyed the sessions I attended. With so many good sessions, I was often conflicted on which ones I should attend over others as there were some good ones that were slotted at the same time. This at least gives me a chance to check out some of the ones I would have liked to attend but couldn't.

Note: You do not have to have been registered for the event to see the session videos. If you don't see a video link in the top right hand corner, chances are the session is not yet available. However, keep checking back as these will be added when available.

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