Over the past few OS updates that have been rolled out to Priv, DTEK50 and DTEK60 owners, there have been a few cases where BlackBerry's DTEK app has reported operating system issues after updating seemingly for no real reason. While the number of folks experiencing the issue thus far appears to be relatively small, there have been enough reports now for BlackBerry to add the problem to the BlackBerry Knowledge Base and let folks know they are looking into it.


When opening the DTEK by BlackBerry application the Device security status shows as POOR and the following message is shown under Operating system integrity: The integrity of the operating system is compromised.


This issue is under investigation. A resolution is currently unavailable.


Complete a Factory Reset of the BlackBerry powered by Android smartphone.

As noted, the suggested workaround in the meantime is to factory reset your device, which isn't always convenient but it's certainly one way around it. I suppose there's no requirement to do that, though, as long as you're not planning to use the DTEK app until the problem is found and corrected. It doesn't stop you from using your device nor is it doing any damage, it's just not accurately reading the device status, which, is slightly annoying. I know a few people in the forums have had the issue, have you?