Along with the bevy of app updates to the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite, BlackBerry has now also introduced a new Android app called Privacy Shade. It's an interesting little app that allows you to selectively choose to obscure anything that is displayed on your screen so that others can't look at it.

BlackBerry introduces new Privacy Shade app for Android

Privacy Shade will let you read emails, messages and personal content at any time without worrying about snoopers, even if someone is looking over your shoulder. The app allows you to view private information in public places – like on the train or in a restaurant – by obscuring the parts of the screen that you're not actively viewing or using, while still allowing you to interact with the obscured parts.

To offer quick access to the app, BlackBerry has made it work with the quick settings on Android Nougat, or if you're using a BlackBerry device with a Convenience Key, you can assign BlackBerry Privacy Shade to the Convenience Key. If you're looking to give Privacy Shade a go, it's available right now on Google Play.

Download BlackBerry Privacy Shade from Google Play