BlackBerry Internet Service Outage

* Official Update from RIM: 

RIM Statement - November 7, 2011: There was a global Internet issue this morning that impacted a number of Internet Service Providers (ISP) around the world. RIM's BlackBerry Infrastructure was not impacted however, some customers may have experienced delays with their ISP. RIM continues to monitor the situation.  *

* Update: So it seems the BlackBerry service hiccups some reported experiencing this morning were not of RIM's doing (all services a go for RIM), but rather were the result of broader internet issues. We're expecting an update from RIM shortly as to exactly how and why BlackBerry services were affected. *

It looks like some users are reporting that the BlackBerry Internet Service is experiencing issues this morning. Reports from Twitter and the CrackBerry forums are saying that some users cannot send/receive emails or BBMs. I'm not having any issues here on Verizon and Kevin seems to be okay as well, so we're not quite sure just whats up yet. Hit the forums and let us know where you're at and stay tuned and we'll report back as we find out more ...

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