Chances are if you follow BlackBerry news, you caught some headlines regarding BlackBerry planning to drop support for legacy BlackBerry OS come 2015. The comments themselves stem from Managing Director of BlackBerry India, Sunil Lalvani, in a recent interview given to DNA India. We never reported on the news but it has been a hot topic in the forums so to better help get BlackBerry's actual message out there here's the official statement from BlackBerry on the matter.

BlackBerry intends to support the BlackBerry operating system indefinitely. Any comments to the contrary are not correct.

So that's that. With BlackBerry having sold more BlackBerry 7 devices in the last quarter than BlackBerry 10 devices, the statement of their indefinite support really shouldn't be all that surprising. Needless to say, a time will come when BBOS will no longer be relevant but it's certainly not going to be in 2015.