At some point or another, you've probably asked yourself why there's no real place to offer feedback directly to BlackBerry on their products and services. Truth be told, there's several ways you can do exactly just that be it through the BlackBerry website, the official BlackBerry Forums and Blogs and even the BlackBerry Beta Zone but some folks want a more centralized and direct place to offer such things.

As it turns out, that's exactly what the BlackBerry Innovation Community has been set up for. BlackBerry customers can set up an account, create a user profile and take part in surveys, all in addition to creating posts offering feedback and ideas. Where it is a community, if there's comments and feedback made that you agree with you can vote and comment on them. Do you want to see better cameras on BlackBerry devices? How about adding back full BlackBerry Protect features? This would be the spot to share those ideas.

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