Here's a fun multicultural post to hit CrackBerry on a Friday afternoon for the weekend...  two weeks back when I was in Indonesia for DevCon Asia I spent a day in Jakarta, and while there checked out a few of the electronics malls (that might as well be called BlackBerry malls as that's honestly what they are filled with). I've always considered New York City to be BlackBerry capital of world, but after seeing Jakarta with my own eyes I'm not sure even NYC at its all-time BB using prime could trump where Jakarta is at right now. To quote what one local told me... "it's social suicide to live here and not have a BlackBerry."

Check out the video above - I pieced together a bunch of the clips I grabbed while roaming around. BlackBerry Smartphones are simply for sale everywhere. I hit the shops early morning before they got too crowded, but it was pretty amazing to see the number of places (both unofficial and official) that are selling BlackBerry phones. And I barely scratched the surface in Jakarta... places like ROXY are even crazier than what's shown in the video. In some places I went, the penetration of BlackBerry had me thinking I was at a WES (now BlackBerry World) conference. I went to one restaurant where I swear every single person had a BlackBerry sitting on the table or in hand, or both (as if they owned two BlackBerrys - in Indonesia it's not uncommon for a person to carry two or three phones around at all times). It was definitely an experience to remember. Enjoy the video!

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