BlackBerry ID

Last week I wrote a bit of a rant on the BlackBerry ID Registration process, based on separate less-than-stellar experiences I encountered the week previous while setting two new Bold 9900 owners up with their BBID. I was *hoping* whoever at RIM was in charge of BlackBerry ID would see the article and do something about the issues I experienced, and the great news here is that's exactly what happened.

RIM was quick to get to work on addressing the issues I highlighted, and was also quick to follow up to let us know their status and also get further feedback from me on some of the BBID concerns I addressed in the post (Screen Name and Username terms are sort of confusing, etc). RIM was able to duplicate and confirm all of the bugs I encountered in the BlackBerry ID app and on the website while registering, and has been working to resolve the issues and improve the entire process as noted here:

As mentioned on the call we investigated aggressively the issues you flagged re: the BlackBerry ID user experience on BlackBerry 7 devices.

The first server-side fix to BlackBerry ID, that:

  • ensures that creation of a BlackBerry ID on the device delivers a successful confirmation, and avoids the "loop" that you encountered
  • corrects the display issues of the captcha on the BlackBerry ID web interface so that it is discernable by Users 

Was successfully deployed last night. All BlackBerry ID Users should experience these benefits now. We are now focused on the next update to better clarify on the Web that UserID need be an Email address. This will be introduced in the next couple weeks, and a number of other improvements that address your additional concerns are in planning as well.

So there you have it folks. RIM listens, RIM responds and it's looking like BlackBerry ID will only continue to improve. BlackBerry ID is really an important piece of the BlackBerry experience and is only going to become more important. I'm really happy with the quick progress made here along with the knowledge that they're going to continue to work on improving the process and BlackBerry ID experience. Good stuff RIM!

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