The rest of the apps are now rolling out as well such as Hub, Calendar, Launcher, Password Keeper, Contact, Notes, Tasks and even DTEK. Additionally, the previously announced BBM improvements are now in full swing.

A little bit of an update to BlackBerry Hub+ Services is now rolling out through the Google Play Store. I say a little bit of an update because unfortunately, the changelog at this point simply highlights bug fixes as the only changes that have been made in this release.

Update - Changelogs have now been adjusted


  • Additional Hub Integrations: Support for Kik and Telegram
  • Email Auto CC / BCC Setting: Users can now enable auto cc: or bcc: when sending a message. This setting can be applied to individual accounts.
  • Android Wear Notifications (beta): Hub+ notifications and the ability to read and delete Hub items via Android Wear devices (i.e. smartwatches)
  • Dual SIM support: Hub will support phones with dual SIMs. You can switch between them just like you would with multiple emails.


  • Contact Linking and Cleanup: Improved support for finding and linking of duplicate contacts.


  • OS Integrity Check: Users will now receive a notification if an OS Integrity issue has been detected

I'm leaning toward the changelog not exactly being accurate due to the fact this release is noted as v1.5.1.43868 and the latest beta releases with Telegram and Kik integration are at v1.5.1.12521, so technically, this update should have that integration.

In any case, the update is there and available for all, so be sure to go ahead and get it downloaded if you haven't already. I've not noticed any difference but, given I was on the beta release anyway, it's hard to say. If you weren't on the beta and spot some changes, be sure to let everyone else know in the comments!

Download BlackBerry Hub+ Services from Google Play