BlackBerry Hub now supports GroupMe, LINE Lite and XING accounts in latest beta

A new batch of app updates has now hit Google Play and while Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Hub+ Services, and Calendar are all available, it's really the Hub app that has the most noted changes despite still being in beta. Here's a look at what has been included and will be rolled out soon:

  • Supported integration for GroupMe, LINE Lite, and XING accounts
  • Choose to accept, reject, or be prompted if your mail server connection is untrusted
  • Receive a warning when S/MIME signatures don't match
  • Set up an Android for Work account from a notification in the BlackBerry Hub
  • Privacy improvements when you sign out of a social networking account (if supported by the social networking service)

Pretty clear focus on security and privacy there with those additions. All the other apps that have been updated, public or beta, just simply note bug fixes so it's anyone's guess what they address under the hood. In any case, go ahead and fire up the Google Play Store and grab whatever updates are available to you.