To go along with the latest BlackBerry Hub+ Services and BlackBerry Launcher updates, BlackBerry has also released new updates for their Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Calendar, and Hub apps. On a device, the changelogs don't appear to show anything outside of bug fixes and performance enhancements but taking a closer look at the Google Play store does show some real changes are included.

For example, Hub notes 'The unread view in the Hub widget no longer shows trash folder items' as well as 'Improved compatibility with devices running Android P' while the Calendar app highlights improvements to event details in the month view, as well as the ability to see Chinese Lunar events in the agenda view.

The updates are live now, so hit the Google Play Store and get them downloaded if you haven't already. If you prefer to hang tight and wait for some feedback before installing, well, you can do that too!

Thanks, Rodney!