With the WannaCry ransomware attack still dominating headlines, BlackBerry has been dedicating a lot of time to advising folks how they can protect themselves from it and other ransomware. In fact, the Inside BlackBerry Blog recently posted an article titled 'How to Protect Yourself from WannaCry and Other Ransomware' that takes a closer look but going one step further, but as part of BlackBerry's Cybersecurity Services, they will be hosting a webinar on May 25 to discuss ransomware preparedness and how BlackBerry can help in these particular situations.

The world witnessed an outbreak of the WannaCry worm, and its variations, which affected upwards of 300,000 systems in 150 countries. There could be more to come – experts predict this is likely the first of several of these types of large-scale attacks. Without proper protection, the risks to your business reputation are immense.

In this webinar, we will address:

  • What crucial steps are required to prevent similar network attacks
  • Why one security breach can reverberate beyond the walls of an organization
  • How to protect your organization from an attack of this magnitude

BlackBerry's unparalleled Cybersecurity expertise can help your business recover from Ransomware attacks, and more importantly, help prevent them in the future.

With cyberattacks continuing to increase and ransomware playing a huge part, being prepared and knowing how to address these situations is crucial. If you're looking to learn more, the webinar takes place on May 25 at 10:00am to 11:00am Pacific Daylight Time and registrations is open right now.

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