BlackBerry hosting live webinar: Introducing WatchDox and the ABC's of Secure File Sharing

With BlackBerry's acquisition of WatchDox now announced and complete, BlackBerry is looking to further explain 'the impact this will have on enterprise mobility' and as such, they've set up a live webinar event (with a Q&A session) to introduce WatchDox.

Learn more about BlackBerry's acquisition of WatchDox and what it means for your business when it comes to secure file sharing and enterprise mobility.

Security doesn't need to put handcuffs on collaboration or productivity. Learn how you can confidently share assets externally, across platforms, and to all manner of user groups without losing control and without increasing risk.

  • Please join us at this live online event to learn more about how the ABC's of secure file sharing can benefit your business.
  • Architecture considerations across different file repositories and end points
  • Balance between the needs of the end users and the needs of IT
  • Control and security features for sharing business content internally and externally

The webinar will be hosted by Jeff Holleran, VP of Corporate Strategy at BlackBerry, and Tim Choi, VP of Product Management & Product Marketing at WatchDox and kicks off on May 14th, at 2:00 PM EDT. You can register for the webinar using this link.

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