Curve Sells

In May we saw the Curve 8300 series sitting on top of the list of the best selling smartphones for Q1 of 2009. Yesterday research and consulting firm IDC released their findings for the top 10 selling smartphones in the US for the second quarter, and BlackBerry clearly stood tall taking 4 of the 10 spots (including the Curve series still sitting at number one). The top 10 are:

10.HTC Touch Diamond
9. HTC Touch Pro
8. Palm Pre
7. T-Mobile G1
6. BlackBerry Storm
5. BlackBerry Bold
4. Apple iPhone 3G (8GB and 16GB versions)
3. BlackBerry Pearl (81xx series but not the Pearl Flip)
2. Apple iPhone 3GS (both 16GB and 32GB versions)
1. BlackBerry Curve (83xx series and 8900) 

Really no surprise that the Curve is outselling the rest as it is a widespread device sold on multiple carriers (and also add in the 8900 this time around). The Pearl came in at number three and both the Bold and Storm still hold their own as well (each being carrier specific). Not surprising that the iPhone is at number two since it is only available on AT&T. You can bet if it were available on more than one carrier (ie. Verizon) it would likely be taking the top spot based on the volume it's doing being available only from one US carrier. So who is surprised that the Bold is ahead of the Storm? Could it be that RIM is now putting less Storms into the retail channel to make room for the Storm 2?