BlackBerry to hold a 'Build for the BlackBerry Classic' webcast for developers

With the BlackBerry Classic due to be released in the coming month, BlackBerry want to make sure there will be apps available for the device come its release. As we know the BlackBerry Classic brings back the so called 'toolbelt' that encompasses the trackpad, menu and back keys, as well as a call and end key. Hence, the name 'Classic'. This does mean that apps need to be developed differently to the way in which they would be developed for the other BlackBerry 10 devices currently available. So, BlackBerry will be holding a webcast entitled 'Building for the BlackBerry Classic' to help developers create those apps.

The webcast will help developers to:

  • learn how to build apps for the upcoming BlackBerry Classic smartphone
  • learn how you can integrate BlackBerry 10.3.1 features into your app to provide your users with the best, most productive BlackBerry experience
  • learn more about the specific features in the newly released BlackBerry Native SDK and BlackBerry Webworks SDK
  • live, interactive Q&A session with BlackBerry's development experts

If you are interested in creating apps for the BlackBerry Classic, why not sign up to the webcast. It will take place on Thursday, October 30th, 2014, at 10 am EST.

Register for the Building for the BlackBerry Classic webcast