BlackBerry highlights their enterprise customer success stories with new e-Book

For as long as I can remember, BlackBerry has always hosted customer success stories on the company homepage and often I wondered how many people actually read them or even noticed they were there, mainly because I felt as though there was a better way to promote the information they contain than just some page on their site that doesn't really get called out in any huge way. Seems as though someone else was thinking along the same lines and now, BlackBerry has created a brand new e-Book to help highlight the fact that BlackBerry continues to win enterprise customers as noted on the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog.

Read certain articles and vendor claims, and you might come away with a skewed view of the mobile enterprise security and management markets. The facts, however, are this: BlackBerry today is not only far-and-away the leader in enterprise mobility management (EMM) with tens of thousands of business customers, but we are continuing to add new enterprise customers – 2,200 last quarter, as our Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen said last month during our Q4 earnings call. They include Delta Airlines, SAIC, HSBC, Dignity Health, the U.S. Government's Internal Revenue Service, and many other recognizable names. Many of these customer wins were displacements of competing vendor products, said Chen.

Some other recent customer stories include: The State Police of Hessen in Germany, who chose BES EMM platform because "security is our top priority," according to its head of IT. Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai, India is deploying a mobile telemedicine app which uses BBM Video, all secured by BES. There's also this huge hardware store chain, this urban police department, this hospital, and these customers deploying BES12 with monitoring tools for real-time EMM.

To reinforce our enterprise strength, we created a 240 page e-book featuring over 50 recent BlackBerry customer case studies that illustrate the power of BlackBerry products and solutions. Internally we refer to it as the 'THUD' book because of the audible THUD sound it makes when you drop it on your desk.

It's a testament to our amazing enterprise customers who count on our products every day to keep their employees mobile. These stories cover the core features and services that BlackBerry is known for – our top-notch security, our best-in-class multi-OS EMM platform, BES, and BlackBerry's relevance across verticals such as healthcare, financial services, government, and many more.

There's the UK hospital that has deployed BBM Protected along with BES to improve patient care, the government agency balancing security and ease-of-use with multiple BlackBerry solutions, the fast-growing global engineering firm that connects securely with BES, and many other stories.

It would likely take you several days to go through all the stories and case studies through the site but with the new e-Book, it's a little bit easier to navigate. You can view the e-Book through the BlackBerry site right here or you can download the 50MB PDF file right here.