BlackBerry highlights four reasons why Hub+ on Android is better than Samsung Focus

A few months ago it was rumored Samsung would be releasing an app that was widely noted to similar to that of the BlackBerry Hub on Android. Eventually, those rumors turned to reality and Samsung Focus was released to Google Play for Samsung devices. Considering the comparisons made before release, BlackBerry has taken a look at Samsung Focus and laid out four reasons why BlackBerry Hub+ on Android beats Samsung Focus.

  • Hub+ is available for more users: Hub+ works on more than 3,000 smartphone versions running Android Lollipop and Marshmallow devices, from all phone makers. Samsung Focus is only available for Samsung devices, and only those running Marshmallow or later.
  • Hub+ offers many more features to make you productive: Focus seems to mimic the Microsoft Outlook model, limiting its app to email, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks. But with Hub+ you get all of those PIM features, plus Password Keeper, Device Search, Launcher, and much, much deeper communications integration.
  • Hub+ connects you to many social media and other communications channels. Samsung Focus…not so much: Samsung Focus allows you to view your emails, but that's the only communications source you get. Hub+ not only lets you view your emails from multiple accounts, but it also consolidates all your social media feeds (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.), text messages, BBMs, phone calls, and voice mails, on a single smartphone screen to make it easy for you to keep track of all of your communications at once.
  • Hub+ boasts many other features that Samsung Focus lacks - Even though it's PIM-focused, Focus is missing many important PIM features that Hub+ offers, such as:
    • Support for multiple accounts (thus no unification of work/personal content with Focus)
    • Dedicated conversation-view organization (sorry, "related items" don't count)
    • Ability to file messages on the device
    • Ability to control sync behavior of folders on the device
    • Ability to create new or edit existing folders on the device
    • Rich-text formatting for email/tasks/notes
    • S/MIME integration for more secure email
    • Ability to set an email "out of office" message on the device
    • Ability to quickly move to next/previous message while reading an email
    • Dedicated day and week views for Calendar
    • Ability to "join" duplicate contacts

Needless to say, that's a nice run down of the ways Hub+ on Android is better than Samsung Focus, the most crucial being that Hub+ is available on way more devices whereas Samsung Focus is just locked to only Samsung devices. However, no one was talking about Samsung Focus anyway. Outside of the initial rumor reports and posts coming from the day it went live on Google Play, there has been little talk of Samsung Focus.

Maybe, just maybe, in this case, BlackBerry was better off not shining a light on it. Even the installed numbers on Google Play kind of highlight that. Samsung Focus has 10,000 - 50,000 compared to BlackBerry Hub+ Services, which has 500,000 - 1,000,000 installs. I digress. I'm sure BlackBerry has better metrics into these things than I do, but it's kind of odd feeling that the biggest hype for Focus has come from BlackBerry by way of them telling me all the reasons Hub+ is better.