BlackBerry highlights the design process and changes for the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

Looking at the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, it's pretty easy to say it's just another Passport variation but really, there's a bit more to it than that. Sure, it shares the same specs with some slight changes to the dimensions but as we now know from the official announcement, it also includes a few deeper improvements as well.

Tasked with updating and improving the design, was Di Tao, BlackBerry's Senior Industrial Designer, who spoke with the Inside BlackBerry blog about the motivation to evolve the existing design of the BlackBerry Passport, what exactly has changed in the design as well as what inspirations were used in the design process.

Florio: What was the motivation to evolve the existing design of the BlackBerry Passport?

Di: When we designed our first Passport, we took a radical approach with a unique format and design language, creating an iconic product that represents BlackBerry innovation. For BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, our focus was to take the design of Passport to a more premium level while extending its appeal to a broader audience.

Florio: What exactly has changed in the design?

Di: The overall structure of the device has been optimized from inside out to improve user experience and antenna performance. We have enhanced the strength of the device both visually and physically. We wanted form and materials that would give BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition a powerful and striking presence — something that would stand out in a sea of devices. We've also refined the profile of device, so it fits more comfortably in one's hand and pocket.

Florio: What inspires you as you evolve an existing design like BlackBerry Passport?

Di: Scientific and professional instruments, analog cameras, and modern classic furniture — many of them have unique qualities and characters that enable people not only to utilize but enjoy their functions. We value those qualities and also see them as source of inspiration.

The full interview is a great look at the whole process, so be sure to give it a read, if you haven't already. Aside from that interview, BlackBerry has also posted up a new video with BlackBerry Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sarah Jacobs discussing the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. We have plenty more Silver Edition content coming soon, including a deeper look at the device, so be on the lookout for that.

Watch our Video Hands-On with the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition!