John Chen

A new report claims that BlackBerry has declined a handful of takeover offers in recent months from unnamed companies, in favor of its current plan to revamp its operations. The report was posted in the wake of Wednesday's rumors that centered on Samsung engaging in buyout talks with BlackBerry, which both BlackBerry and Samsung quickly denied.

According to The Globe and Mail, BlackBerry's board of directors and its largest investor, Fairfax Financial Holdings, are sticking with CEO John Chen and his plan to focus the company's efforts on serving business customers. The board also feels that the takeover offers, mostly from foreign companies, do not reflect BlackBerry's current value. Wednesday's price from Samsung was supposed to have been $7.5 billion, which is between 38% to 60% over BlackBerry's current trading price.

In 2013, BlackBerry reportedly received an buyout offer from China-based Lenovo, but the Canadian government stepped in to block that offer, citing national security concerns.

Source: The Globe and Mail