BlackBerry unveiled the new BlackBerry Z3 in Jakarta earlier today, and in addition to showing off the latest device, CEO John Chen also dropped word on what is (and isn't) on the current roadmap. In addition to the BlackBerry Classic which we should see later this year, BlackBerry also has a few more new devices in the works — both full-touch and keyboard.

There are still plenty of rumors about what new devices we'll see from BlackBerry, the biggest of which is the BlackBerry Windermere. Chen said that working with Foxconn, we could see a new high-end, flagship device as well.

"After BlackBerry Jakarta, now we are again working on the latest BlackBerry with either 3 to 4 [new devices planned]. Yes, there is the keyboard, and one of them is [all-touch] not a keyboard, "

So things aren't slowing down at BlackBerry, and it appears that there are indeed a handful of new devices still to come, however just when we'll see them is still unclear. One thing that John Chen says we won't see at all however is wearables. He noted that BlackBerry has no intentions of getting into the wearables space in the near future.

Source: G4Games; Via: N4BB