When BlackBerry's Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard noted to us that BlackBerry's next handset release is "very, very imminent," he wasn't joking as a recent filing at the FCC appears to show. Documents dated July 14, have now appeared in the FCC database that match up with the previous findings from the Wi-Fi Alliance that show BlackBerry and TCL / Alcatel are working together to release a smartphone.

As we noted previously, the Wi-Fi Alliance documents highlighted a product named DTEK 50 which carried the model number STH100-2 (RJD211LW) and runs Android Marshmallow with a build number of AAF295. The recent FCC documents clearly show BlackBerry as the applicant, while TCL Communication Ltd, is listed as the manufacturer of the 'GSM Quand-Band / UMTS Penta-Band / LTE Deca-Band mobile phone'. The only other information to be gleaned from the listing is that battery size, which is 2610mAh, which to no one's surprise, is the same size as the Alcatel Idol 4's.

Given BlackBerry CEO John Chen noted we'll be hearing more about devices next week, there's honestly not too much point in even speculating here. Besides, all rumors and confirmed details point to one thing, we're getting a BlackBerry built by TCL, and there's a great chance that it will have close to the same, if not the exact same, specs as the Alcatel Idol 4. Hopefully, it'll carry a close to the same, if not the exact same, price point as well. Chen noted recently that a mid-range handset selling for about $350 is scheduled to arrive before September.

Via: TimesNews