BlackBerry Groups

Here's some fun leaked news for the Monday leading up to WES 2009... We all know the best apps for BlackBerry tend to be the ones RIM has a hand in building. That said, it's time to start getting a little excited for a new app that should be coming to BlackBerry in the months ahead called BlackBerry Groups! We were originally hearing it could launch as early as next month, but it's more likely it'll be summer before you'll be able to download it on your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Groups is an on-device collaborative tool that borrows some of that BlackBerry Unite! goodness and brings it right to the handheld in a more relevant and easy to use context - think calendar sharing, contact sharing, location sharing and more.

This should be a really useful application for a lot of BlackBerry users out there - I'm definitely looking forward to putting it to work. Maybe (hopefully!) we'll get a chance to learn more about BlackBerry Groups next week at WES 2009?!