Typo for iPhone

The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard case for iPhone back by Ryan Seacrest, Typo, continues to earn the legal ire of BlackBerry as they're still on sale. Apparently 11,000 Typos have been sold at $100 a pop, causing BlackBerry to issue another request for a sales injunction from California federal judge William Orrick. The sale of Typo keyboards violates an earlier court order barring their distribution. The letter to the judge apparently calls the move "brazen and blatant."

It's unclear whether or not this complaint applies to the new Typo Keyboard design, though the letter to the judge does link to the online store currently listing the Typo 2 on pre-order.

Obviously we're all well aware of how great BlackBerry's keyboard design is, and it really is an asset you can't blame them for trying to protect. Why Typo has gone ahead and ignored the injunction is a little bewildering, but we're eager to see what the judge has to say about the matter.