BlackBerry Z10 YouTube Ad

BlackBerry had said on many accounts that with the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 they would be increasing their marketing efforts like never before. Today I received an email from a CrackBerry reader showing a style of advertising that I've personally never seen. The ad was for the BlackBerry Z10 and was featured on the YouTube homepage, nothing crazy here, but wait. The advertisement was asking you how fast you are on your BlackBerry Z10 on-screen keyboard.

Yes, I fully understand that the ad could have been asking a rhetorical question, but where is the fun in that? If you engaged the ad you could actually scan a QR code on the screen, and then have a real time battle between the onscreen Z10 and your Z10. After you've completed the challenge your score would be presented within the ad, as well the ad could give you more information on your accuracy.

I personally haven't been able to get the ad to show on my computer, but I know it's out there. Sound off in the comments below if you've seen it in action!