The launch of the BlackBerry Passport today also brings BlackBerry fans an all new physical QWERTY keyboard, which the company is hyping today as "touch-enabled". What does that mean, exactly? BlackBerry has that covered with a new video and blog post just about the Passport's keyboard.

BlackBerry says:

The touch-enabled keyboard allows you to brush your fingers over the QWERTY keyboard and scroll through information on screen. This is perfect when managing the list of messages in the BlackBerry Hub, or when browsing a website (pro tip: turn your Passport sideways for smoother swiping when you're in hard-core content consumption mode). You get a full wide view of content and can scroll through without obstructing the screen.

BlackBerry claims that Passport keyboard users got four times the accuracy compared to using virtual keyboards. Are you excited about being able to use the keyboard on the Passport?

Source: BlackBerry

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