BlackBerry are teasing us once again. This time Donny from Inside BlackBerry is giving us a quick video overview of the hardware navigation keys and trackpad that are making a return with the BlackBerry Classic, which is due to go on sale December 2014.

For us BlackBerry fans that have been loyal for a few years the return of these navigation keys and the optical trackpad will be most welcome. For newer BlackBerry 10 users it's going to take a bit of getting used to, but believe me, they sure come in handy and it's clear that it's what BlackBerry customers want.

Whether I be able to ditch my beloved BlackBerry Passport for the glorious looking Classic is still up in the air. It will kind of be like returning home after a long trip away, but on the other hand I've become so used to just using gestures.

Only time will tell on this one. It's looking a real gem though.