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Alicia and I were in awe here at CES2012, this being our first one and all, and were a bit intimidated (it's not every day you get to meet big celebrities like CrackBerry Kevin). We decided to see if we could have a bit of fun with the folks over at BlackBerry by commandeering the BlackBerry Bold limo. Unbeknownst to our fellow BlackBerry users who were waiting in line for the limo, Alicia and I concocted our plan and set it forth in motion.

The BlackBerry crew were outstanding and we had a blast on our little adventure even with the airport detour. Yes, we would have loved to see more BlackBerry related products and such but it was very nice to have the BlackBerry team show us dedicated fans some appreciation with the limo rides, water and snacks as well as the charged batteries (boy did those come in handy!) and all the free goodies. Thanks RIM!