First off - sorry if we spoiled the qualifying for anyone that hadn't yet had the chance to watch. Going forward we'll wait a good 24 hours after the action to put any posts up. 

That being said - GO TEAM BLACKBERRY! Imagine how excited I was to see the BlackBerry / Mercedes TEAM AMG Petronas take first in the Monaco Grand Prix yesterday. My first race experience was awesome and I'm not quite sure how I lived without Formula 1 until now.

I usually sleep in on Sunday, but yesterday I made sure to be up by 7:30 am so I could take in my first F1 race ever. I settled in on my couch with my Q10 in-hand ready to rock and roll. Being a Mets fan I'm usually prepped for disappointment when I watch sports, so having my team sitting on the pole made me jittery right from the start.

As the light turned green, both Mercedes cars jumped off the line and took the lead thanks to great qualifying times. Nico had an impressive lead and Lewis was holding strong in second - it couldn't be any better. Everything went smoothly for the first portion of the race and it looked like the Mercedes duo would dominate, but then Hamilton dropped back to fourth position in the pits and would stay there until the finish.

During my first race I got to see some great action, learn a bit about things like sectors, DRS, sub-3 second pit stops and plenty about tires (or "tyres"). 

Overall I have to say it was an awesome experience. There was action a-plenty, my team did awesome and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Again, not sure how I made it this far without F1 in my life but I'll certainly be a fan from here on out. Now I can't wait until race weekend in Montreal!

Oh, and who knew Daft Punk had a car too? How cool is that!?

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Image Credit: Innovatology