One major problem with BlackBerry applications in my experience is to actually reach out to a high percentage of BlackBerry users. Almost all of my friends and family now have a BlackBerry (thanks to my influence) but have yet to take full advantage of its capabilities. They see simple games/applications on my device and ask "where do you get those?". Most all of them have BlackBerry App World on their device but have not even realized its existence. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites out there, with users ranging from young kids to grandparents. With the implementation of mobile app downloads from mplayit, users can share applications easier than ever. Mplayit CEO Michael Powers:

"BlackBerry outsells the iPhone month after month, but most BlackBerry users still have a hard time finding great apps, we help them tap into their social network to discover apps they'll love and recommend to their friends."

Integration with Facebook's huge network can only do good for the BlackBerry platform, and I am excited to see where this takes it. In addition to downloading BlackBerry applications from Mplayit/Facebook, you can also share what you downloaded and your thoughts on it in your timeline with a simple click, as well as other sharing options. So if your a Facebook user and you want to share your favorite BlackBerry apps, click the link below and spread your BlackBerry love.

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