So I’m waiting for a package to arrive. I shipped it from Amazon (Office Space and Gross Pointe Blank). I know it’s shipped, and I have a tracking number. Cool. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I sort of obsess over tracking my package progress. Normally I just log in to the UPS or FedEx websites on my computer and enter my tracking number. I’ve had times where I go to check my delivery progress only to find it says “delivered”. I go downstairs and voila! There it is, right on my front door step.

Now both UPS and FedEx have mobile websites, making it possible to track your packages from your BlackBerry.

Fedex Mobile Site
UPS Mobile Site

Simply enter your tracking number and you’ll get the standard tracking information that you’re used to seeing. Both sites also let you find nearby mailing locations along with hours of operation and last pickup times. You can also calculate shipping rates. Very useful if you’re out and about with a package to mail.

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