The BlackBerry Q10 is a pretty stylish device on its own, but if you want to kick it up a bit adding a case is a sure attention getter. While is a wide variety of cases available now for the Q10, one that is sure to get some good looks is the BlackBerry Q10 Flip Shell Case.

Much like its Z10 counterpart, the Q10 Flip Shell Case fits snuggly around your device and has a front-closing flap to keep your Q10 protected. 

The case is made of a rigid plastic that fits firmly around the back and sides of your Q10. The corners are very well protected and the buttons and ports all easily accessible. A leather flap folds over the front of the device and latches on, keeping your Q10 safe and sound inside. The flap has a microfiber backing as well so you won't have to worry about anything happening to your screen when the case is closed.

On the front you'll find the BlackBerry logo as well as a small LED "window" through which you can see your flashing red LED when you have a message. I'll admit that at times it was hard to see the LED while in the case but that depends on your situation and lighting.

The Q10 Flip Shell Case also has a sleeper magnet so your device will wake when you flap it open, making for quick access.

This one is available in both black and white, and for me, I'd go with the color that matches your device (white for white or black for black) as I just think it looks way better - but that's totally up to you. 

Check out the video above for our full review, then head to ShopCrackBerry to pick one up for yourself.

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