The BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers a happy balance of protection and functionality. Like the Transform Shell for the Z10, the Flip Shell has the ability to turn into a handy multimedia kickstand for the Z10, but in comparison to the Transform Shell provides more protection on all sides. The magnetic flip closure also helps to preserve battery life by putting the Z10's display to sleep when closed and saves a swipe by automatically powering up and unlocking the display when opened.

I really like the look of the Flip Shell a lot. It features a one piece case design containing two key parts - the hard shell case in which the Z10 sits and the magnetic flip closure that wraps around the front to cover the display. The front cover features an embossed BlackBerry logo for a stylish touch of branding. I also like how the cover wraps around to the back of the phone, giving off a sort of paperback novel vibe. Available colors include black, white and red. As you can tell from the photos, the red version looks HOT. MSRP is $34.99, but you can find it for less at

When it comes to putting the Z10 into the Flip Shell, the Z10 sits securely within the hard shell back piece. READ: That means once your Z10 is in this case, it does not come out easily. If you are planning on popping your Z10 out of its case frequently, you may want to check out the Transform Shell (also note, the Transform Shell will work with the upcoming Z10 Multimedia Dock, while the Flip Shell will not).

The magnetic cover of the Flip Shell case features a hinged design akin to the Smart Cover that Apple introduced on the iPad 2 back in 2011. In our minds it's pretty clear that Apple took inspiration for the function of that case from BlackBerry, who has been taking advantage of magnets for years with in / out holster mode on BlackBerry phones. It seems fitting that BlackBerry borrow a little inspiration back from them on the cover design of this one. And the hinged cover design is definitely clever. It can be folded into a triangle which creates a stable kickstand for the Z10 both in landscape and portrait orientations. For a shallower viewing angle, the cover can simply be laid out behind the Z10. The cover is soft to the touch, with a micro fiber like finish. Not only does the cover feel good on the outside, but the inside of the cover also serves double duty in the smudge-fighting department, helping to keep the display clean.

Overall, the BlackBerry Flip Shell is a really nice case and I think one that will be a popular choice among Z10 owners. With the cover closed, you have full protection around the phone, and the smart nature of the cover actually makes turning the Z10's display on and off more efficient. Check out the video and photos below for a closer look, and hit the link for more.

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