BlackBerry KickStart

Instead of partying it up on a Friday night, our pal Jibi decided to blog up some interesting news...

It seems the BlackBerry KickStart and Seawolf (GPS-equipped version of the KickStart), formerly believed to be the BlackBerry 9100 and 9110, are now the 8220 and 8210, respectively. This actually makes sense to me. It's apparent the BlackBerry flip phone is going to be a low-cost entrant into the smartphone world. Introducing it as an 8xxx series device sets the expectations a bit lower (as opposed to a 9000 series device which would get its feature-set compared to the Bold) and helps keeps the entire series current, especially considering OS5.0 testing is currently being carried out on 8xxx series devices.

Jibi is also reporting that the BlackBerry Javelin may get a model # change to, making the move from 9300 to to 8301. As with all these rumors...time will tell. I just want my new BlackBerry Bold already!