BlackBerry First Steps: Pairing Your Bluetooth Device

Every day, thousands will pick up a new BlackBerry. For a good many of them, this will be their first BlackBerry; maybe even their first smartphone. We've all had that first day; poking and prodding a new BlackBerry, trying to figure out how it works. This series aims to make that process a bit easier.

So, you got a Bluetooth device to use with your BlackBerry. Fantastic, you can now talk on your BlackBerry while driving without worrying about getting a ticket! And that's just one example of its use.  Now the question is: how do I get it to work?

Follow these simple steps and you'll be hands-free in no time!

What's a Bluetooth device? 

A Bluetooth device is usually a small ear piece or headphone that is able to connect with your BlackBerry device. It allows you to use certain functions of your BlackBerry without actually touching it.

Pairing Mode on your Bluetooth device

Setting your BlackBerry in pairing mode allows your device to be "found" by other Bluetooth devices like your headset. In order to pair a BlackBerry device with a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth device must also be in pairing mode (Most Bluetooth devices are not set to pairing mode by default. You'll need to refer to your Bluetooth device manual for instructions on how to set the device to pairing mode).

On Your BlackBerry

First, on your BlackBerry, find Setup. You can also use Universal Search to find "Setup."

Click or touch to open, then select Bluetooth 

Bluetooth Setup  
Next, turn the Bluetooth option on by highlighting the box next to it and pressing the trackpad. This will bring up the options On or Off. Select On and press the trackpad once again. Turn Bluetooth Pairing on   
Below the enabled the Bluetooth option, you'll see another option to make the device discoverable. You won't need to enable this to pair a headset, but you would use it to pair with a computer or another BlackBerry. Leave this set to No No need to set discoverable mode   
Now you can scroll to the 3rd box that says Add New Device and press the trackpad. This will bring up a menu with three options: Search, Listen & Cancel. Select Search on your BlackBerry. Search for a bluetooth device   
Your BlackBerry will search for any devices that are either in "pairing" mode or are set to "discoverable". The dialog box will tell you how many devices your BlackBerry has found. Bluetooth device found  
Once your BlackBerry has completed the search, a dialog box will pop up and tell you which devices it has found. Scroll to the device name you are trying to connect with and press the trackpad to select it.
Bluetooth devices found  
At this point, you may have a box pop up that says you need to enter a numeric passkey (see your Bluetooth device manual for the code or try the universal code of 0000). Enter the code in the box and press the trackpad once again. You should see a dialog box that looks similar to the one below.
Waiting for device...  
Once that is done you should see a dialog box like this.  Pairing complete  

This means your Bluetooth device & BlackBerry are now "paired". You can either select the option Yes to connect and start using your Bluetooth device or you can select No. Either way, your two devices are paired together. You won't have to repeat this process again - unless you replace one of the devices, of course.

Congratulations, you have now successfully paired your Bluetooth device to your BlackBerry! Why not hop in the car and go for a ride just to test it out...

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