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Every day, thousands will pick up a new BlackBerry. For a good many of them, this will be their first BlackBerry; maybe even their first smartphone. We've all had that first day; poking and prodding a new BlackBerry, trying to figure out how it works. This series aims to make that process a bit easier.

Today's BlackBerry 101 Lesson is all about sending an email. I know for some of you this may seem a bit trivial but for those who are new to smartphones let alone BlackBerrys, it can be one of the most frustrating. You can check out the video above for a quick walkthrough or read the instructions below for a step-by-step guide on the basics of sending an email.

Sending Email 

Arrow RightStep 1: Locate & open your Messages inbox Messages icon
Compose email
Arrow LeftStep 2: Press the BlackBerry Menu key and select Compose Email
Arrow RightStep 3: In the "To" field, start typing a person's name (their email address will automatically fill in if the contact has an one associated with them in your address book) and select that contact or you can manually type in the email address. You can add more recipients to the email by entering their addresses in the next "To" or "Cc" (Carbon Copy) field.  Select Addressee
Email BCC
Arrow Left*To "Bcc" (Blind Carbon Copy) the email to a recipient, simply press the BlackBerry Menu key and select "Add Bcc". This will bring up a "Bcc" field where you can enter the contact's name if they are in your address book or manually type in their email address.
Arrow RightStep 4: Scroll to the "Subject" field and enter a heading for your email. This is usually where you give a brief description of what the email is about. Email Subject
Email message
Arrow LeftStep 5: Scroll to the next field and begin typing your message.
Arrow RightStep 6: You can quickly attach pictures, videos & files to your emails at any time by pressing the BlackBerry Menu key and selecting Attach.  Email attachments
Attachment options
Arrow LeftNext select which option you'd like to send (Picture, File, Video, Music, Voicenote or Contact) then locate & select the attachment you want to use. 
Arrow RightYour attachments will show up in a box at the bottom of your email. Attachments
Sending an email
Arrow LeftStep 7: You can now send your message one of two ways. You can simply press the trackpad and a box like the one in the image below will pop up. Simply scroll to & select send or you can save the email to be revised and sent later.
Arrow RightYou can also press the BlackBerry Menu key and send your message by selecting SEND or again, you can select Save Draft and send your email later. Send from the menu

Forwarding an Email 

Arrow RightIn some instances, you may need to forward an email to another recipient.  Basically, you're sending an email you received to another person. To do so, simply highlight the email you wish to forward and press the BlackBerry Menu key. Select the Forward option and press the trackpad. Forwarding 
Forward to
Arrow LeftNext you simply add the recipient you wish to forward the message to in the "To" field
Arrow RightAnd finally, add a message before the forwarded email or edit the subject heading then press the trackpad and select "send". Send the forwarded message

There you have it, the short & sweet info on how to send an email. Happy sending everyone!

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