Following up on the Annual General Meeting that took place yesterday in Waterloo, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that BlackBerry is setting up for another round of layoffs. According to the article, BlackBerry VP of Sales in the US, Richard Piasentin, was fired last month and the company is gearing up for more layoffs in the coming weeks. 

If you recall, last year BlackBerry laid off around 5,000 employees in a "global workforce reduction" as part of their CORE program. This time around it's rumored that the layoffs will be mostly middle management, though there is no word on just how many of the roughly 11,000 BlackBerry employees will be laid off just yet.

While nothing was mentioned during the AGM, BlackBerry has confirmed that Piasentin was fired but had no information on any other layoffs. Thorsten Heins did stress yesterday that BlackBerry is still in a transitional phase and only a 5 months into their BlackBerry 10 deployment - so there is still a long way to go.