BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against BLU Products in Florida

Following their filing of a patent infringement lawsuit against Avaya in Texas, BlackBerry has now initiated two patent infringement lawsuits against BLU Products, Inc. in Florida. In the suit, BlackBerry alleges that BLU infringes multiple BlackBerry patents by using, without authorization, BlackBerry's proprietary technology in BLU's commercial mobile devices.

As a result of its infringement, BLU has earned substantial revenue selling 2G, 3G, and LTE-compliant products that use BlackBerry's technology. BLU makes, sells, uses, offers to sell, markets, and/or imports numerous smartphones compatible with the 2G, 3G, and LTE standard throughout the United States without a license from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry offered BLU a license on FRAND terms, but BLU never responded. Despite efforts by BlackBerry to negotiate, BLU has persisted in importing, selling, and offering for sale a substantial volume of standard-compliant products that use BlackBerry's SEP technology without a license.

  • 7,969,924 - Method and apparatus for state/mode transitioning
  • 8,483,060 - Method for configuring a telecommunication system
  • 8,406,118 - Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation method for MIMO-OFDM systems
  • 8,472,567 - Detecting the number of transmit antennas in a base station
  • 8,265,034 - Method and system for a signaling connection release indication
  • 8,625,506 - System and method for determining establishment causes
  • 7,933,355 - Systems, devices, and methods for training sequence, transmission, and reception
  • 7,050,413 - Information transmission method, mobile communications system, base station and mobile station in which data size of identification data is reduced
  • 8,489,868 - Software code signing system and method
  • 8,713,466 - Dynamic bar oriented user interface
  • 8,402,384 - Dynamic bar oriented user interface
  • 8,411,845 - Handheld electronic device having improved phone call log, and associated method
  • 6,271,605 - Battery disconnect system
  • 8,745,149 - Handheld electronic device and associated method providing time data in a messaging environment
  • 8,169,449 - System compositing images from multiple applications

In total, BlackBerry has highlighted 15 patents covering mobile communication, radio frequency communication techniques, processors, power management and other fields of technology. You can view the filed cases via the links.

Via: Law360