BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against Avaya in Texas

Looking to protect their patent assets, BlackBerry has initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against Avaya in Texas. In the suit, BlackBerry alleges that Avaya Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara has infringed eight of its US patents pertaining to various mobile communications technologies. The exact patents in question are 9143801, 8964849, 8116739, 8886212, 8688439, 7440561, 8554218 and 737296, which were originally filed with the USPTO between 1998 and 2011.

According to the complaint filed last week, BlackBerry alerted Avaya of the alleged violations back on December 17, 2015. What happened in between then and now remains a mystery but presumably if any negotiations were underway, they have now broken down and BlackBerry felt the need to push the situation further. You can look through the filed suit, which is well over 100 pages.

Via: IAM-Media