BlackBerry On Fido Getting Closer!

Sure we have seen it before, we've even seen the BlackBerry roadmap for Fido most recently, but it seems that day is getting closer and closer now. According to BGR the parent company of Fido, being Rogers wireless has finally given in to user demand and are now getting ready to launch their BlackBerry devices and are currently in the process of getting all their CSR's trained up on their BlackBerry skills.

From the information available it looks like the launch device will be the 8100, but we can expect more from Fido in the way of newer devices later on this year, especially UMA enabled (UNO on Fido) devices such as the 8900 and the 8120 and finally the 82XX. This is good news for Fido customers as most have been purchasing unlocked BlackBerry devices at premium costs, once the line up gets rolling you'll be able to get that subsidized pricing, but alas 3 yr contract will still apply.

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