Following the first and second of our top five CrackBerry Super Fanboy contest finalist videos (which we're posting in no particular order), our third finalist video comes from Julien who lives in Los Angeles. A BlackBerry user for over seven years, Julien says he takes his BlackBerry with him just about everywhere he goes.

For his fanboy contest entry video, Julien takes his BlackBerry and puts it to use in a place he never has before... I'll let you watch the video find out where it is and see how it all unfolds. When you're done, you can keep reading below for a bit more on Julien and the story behind I'm Falling for BlackBerry. Love it!!

About Julien and Falling for BlackBerry

I'm 27. I live in Los Angeles, originally from France. I've been a BlackBerry user for over 7 years and passionate about it ever since.

I've had every BlackBerry device since the release of the 6230.

When I saw the contest, I spent the whole day thinking of what would makes me feel like the rush I have when I use my BlackBerry.

I take my BlackBerry with me everywhere I go, everywhere.

So I woke up the next morning with the idea and then looked for a place that would let me jump out of a plane with my Bold 9700 for the very first time ever, that very day.

Perris Skydiving saw how enthusiastic I was about it and they jumped on board.