And we're back with another winning entry in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? Contest. When readers were submitting their entries earlier in January, we knew February -- Mobile Nations Fitness Month -- was just around the corner. And also knowing that we'd be locked up in CrackBerry HQ pounding out blog posts instead of reps for most of February, we really liked Heather Ho's health and fitness related idea (as pointed out in the comments, it's a great tie in to the BlackBerry Keep Moving campaign too!).

Heather's idea? To make herself a custom CrackBerry t-shirt, and take the 6 mile hike up Mission Peak, getting her fitness on while spreading the CrackBerry word. We all know the Bay area favors iOS and Android devices, so what better place to do a little BlackBerry infiltration.

Talking about her inspiration for the idea, Heather told us:

I was thinking of something unique that other people may not do across the nation. With the sunny weather in California, I took advantage of the nature here. Hiking is a big craze here especially among the younger adults. It was something I could do but at the same time it was a challenge. Mission peak is a 6 mile hike (3-4hrs long) and the elevation at the peak is approximately ~2200 ft. above from the starting point of the trail. 

Heather rocked the hike despite getting that jelly leg feeling (I know that one!). And for us in CrackBerry HQ, looking out the window at the snow, we just wish we could have been there with her to join her outdoors. Great job Heather! You'll be getting your BlackBerry Z10 soon!