When Brandon pitched us his idea of creating a CrackBerry Dodge in honor of CrackBerry, QNX, and QNX Co-Founder Dan Dodge for our "What would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?" contest we had no idea what the end result would be. All we knew was that it was a pretty bold promise to be making -- it sounded awesome - and that we wanted to see him carry it out. Now that the work has been finished, we are BLOWN AWAY to see CrackBerry Dodge fully done up. A - M - A - Z - I - N - G - !

Brandon also shot a video of the entire process from start to finish and sent along a whole slew of glamour shots of the CrackBerry Dodge, which you can check out below. Brandon, you're a rock star for this one! The CrackBerry Dodge looks fracking sweet and congrats on winning yourself a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It's certainly well deserved. Check out the video above, and keep reading for more photos and Brandon's story.

Brandon sent this in along with his entry: 

I am a theatrical rigger/ technical director living in popular tourist area. I became a BlackBerry fan about 2.5 years ago after leaving my buggy and laggy HTC Android phone. Thanks to my wife liking her BlackBerry Curve I then got myself a BlackBerry Bold 9650 with Sprint to have better control of my work email and the thing was a beast. It did have a few problems here and there but the thing just communicated so well - it seemed to search for local results faster than other's iPhones around me. I fell in love with BBM as much of my family are on BBM in other states and it really made it simple to communicate with groups. Up until a few months ago I had been chugging along with my 9650 and then went on a Scuba Dive to do maintenance on a system and forgot that the phone was in my dry suit's exterior pocket. Needless to say the thing died. I was going to try out the iPhone 5 unsure when BB10 was going to actually launch, but before I could get to Sprint and upgrade to the iPhone 5 the BlackBerry 10 Jan 30th launch event was announced. I held off and have bounced around between my wife's old Curve and another loaner android. It's not the powerful Galaxy S3, but it reminds me how much I miss BB and hate Android.

Looking forward to BlackBerry 10 for its major comeback first and foremost. I want to show people that laugh/roll their eyes because they don't understand the new BB10 and the new management behind it all. BB has been an impressive story to me so far from being the innovators in smart phones, then falling clear off the map in the general public's view, and now about to be #1 again. Really looking forward to the Hub and multitasking. Having multiple apps open and running on my PlayBook is just great for me. When others see it they don't realize BlackBerry can do these things. So having the Z10 will be amazing to show off to others around me. Winning it for free is the best part of it because now I don't have to carry a contract and will be leaving Sprint for Verizon since Sprint will not have the Z10. I know I will probably really like the Q10 for the keypad, but don't want to wait around for it.

A few years ago I owned and operated a very small sign shop as a start up business. Since taking on a full time job I still own my vinyl equipment and I know how much having rolling advertisement works. So I figured I could get the word out about Crackberry and BlackBerry 10 by having it on my truck. Looking back at the entries that won in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm Contest, I figured more people would see this than a tattoo or running a marathon. I have had so many people looking at it when I stop in at Walmart and driving down the road. I wonder if there is anyway to track down if a particular area is hitting up the website more?!! My truck has a 318 motor which is a V8 and is a lot of motor for the small truck. I figured it ties in well with BB10 to show how powerful BlackBerry 10 can be.

Thanks for this opportunity and looking forward to my CrackBerry Z10!