BlackBerry is looking to make everything more secure, and the latest effort from the company may be aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT). At its recent Security Summit — which you can watch again here — the company had very little to say about hardware, and everything to say about security. On stage, there was a demonstration showing just how easily someone could hack into an IV pump in a hospital, and BlackBerry is looking to make that even safer for everyone.

CIOs now are approaching the BlackBerry about securing not just mobile devices, but also the sensors and other equipment in the enterprise that connects to the Internet, said Jeff Holleran, BlackBerry's VP of corporate strategy. The company now is looking at how to connect fire alarms and other devices to corporate networks via BlackBerry's security platform.

The shift in focus from hardware to software and security is becoming increasingly clear. BlackBerry is positioning itself to lead again in an area that is extremely important to everyone.

Source: WSJ