Remember the good old days when developers used to give away 100's of copies of their latest apps? Have you noticed with the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 that has stopped? There's a reason for it that many not be aware of.

It's because developers who create apps for those devices have no real way of offering the download of paid apps aside from handing the .bar file over and asking folks to sideload it or adding users to their BlackBerry World 'sandbox'. It's never been an option available through BlackBerry World and with the closure of Mobihand, apps can't just be handed out like before over the air. That's not exactly ideal, as many folks don't know how and can't be bothered to sideload an app and when it comes to updates it becomes even harder as sideloaded apps can't be updated through BlackBerry World. As you can tell, it's complicated and has been a frustration point for some developers out there.

In what looks to be a possible solution, developers who have been receiving their BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices have noticed that alongside running BlackBerry 10.1, the Dev Alpha C's are also running a different version of BlackBerry World. That different version of BlackBerry World has options built into it that allow for the use of coupon codes. While it may not mean a whole lot to users directly at the moment, it has the potential to mean a lot to developers and end users plus, it's been something they've been asking for for quite some time now.

At this point, it's hard to say if it all will make it into builds going forward but hopefully it does, as it will allow developers to offer further ways for folks to get their apps. As an example, they could host contests on websites and through Twitter or offer up direct discounts without having to wait for the developer portal to update the information.