The BlackBerry Experience Forum has been on the road since the beginning of February and this week they've stopped by New York City to give everyone a hands on with BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and partner demos. The video above highlights some of the thoughts from those in attendance, spanning across many business sectors including pharmaceuticals, health care, government, retail, security organizations and more.

Those on hand also got to hear from key Enterprise partners about their products and how, when coupled with the BlackBerry 10 platform, their solutions can help businesses stay up to date with device management, security, apps, unified communications, and collaboration. All throughout March and April, BlackBerry Experience Forum events are being held across the world. if you're looking for the dates, you'll find them listed below.

  • Dubai - March 13th
  • Sydney - March 18th
  • Paris - March 19th
  • Frankfurt - March 20th
  • Johannesburg - March 27th
  • New Delhi - April 8th

Learn more at the BlackBerry Experience Forum website