Register now for the upcoming BlackBerry Experience Events

Back in April, BlackBerry announced some BlackBerry Experience event locations. A few BlackBerry Experience events have already taken place. We had our very own Jubei at the NYC event back in April 2014 and most recently the event was held in Toronto on May 8th, 2014. Before that, in Montreal, Canada on May 6th. Coming up next are the U.S. events. Chicago on May 14th and Washington D.C. on May 21st. There will also be an event in Cologne, Germany on May 14th, too. The Cologne has been open for registration since the events were announced but for the U.S. locations, registrations have only recently opened.

If you are looking to attend one of these events, be sure to register for the event. There will also be an event in London on June 3rd but registration for that has not yet opened but we will let you know once it is.

Register for the upcoming BlackBerry Experience events

Have you attended any of the events so far? If so, how was it? Hit up the comments and share your experience.